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In Finike, the navigation and communication (NAV-COM) system of our sailing yacht has been renewed.

The "Nav Com" system found on ships is an abbreviation for "Navigation and Communication." This system includes a range of navigation and communication equipment used by ships to travel safely and effectively and to establish communication. Nav Com systems generally comprise the following components:

1. **Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging Device):** Used to detect other ships and nearby objects.

2. **GPS (Global Positioning System):** Used to determine accurate ship positions.

3. **ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System):** Directs ship navigation by integrating electronic sea charts and ship positions.

4. **AIS (Automatic Identification System):** Enhances communication between ships by displaying the positions and identification information of other ships.

5. **Radio Communication Devices:** Facilitates communication both onboard and with external entities using different frequencies.

6. **Remote Monitoring Systems:** Used to remotely monitor and manage ship systems, including the engine and other components.

7. **Navigation and Automatic Pilot Systems:** Aids ships in safely following their routes.

8. **Voice Communication Systems:** Enables communication among ship personnel.

The Nav Com system plays a vital role in meeting the safety, navigation, and communication needs of ships during their journeys at sea.

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